Introducing Cyronclad

Cyronclad is a highly secure and scalable platform for IoT applications and beyond. Why is it more secure? All cloud platforms are subject to attacks that could compromise the integrity of devices. Cyronclad, on the other hand, is a fully distributed platform, i.e. free of attack points. The level of security is highest because the system is based on the same technologies used to create the blockchain.

Architecture designer

Computer architecture designers are looking for innovative solutions to complex problems. They are close to customers and influence investment choices by basing their assessments on best practices, but also on use cases where Teleconsys technology has been applied to concrete scenarios to find functional solutions.

Project leader

Project leaders are looking for partners and solution providers; they need high-level information to evaluate the costs and above all the advantages of our proposals, which are essential for gaining trust. For this target, the endorsement of the IOTA Foundation and the presence of IEEE through UCBM is very important.


Developers are always looking for software components and therefore need technical information and practical examples. They often require direct interaction with the team, for evaluations and discussions. This target is fundamental because it contributes to the development of awareness and reputation of the solution and of the technology.

Trust our experience!

Discover the four characteristic aspects of Cyronclad

Actors identity

In each system, actors (physical or logical) produce data or perform processing by executing algorithms. In the traditional approach, platforms only assign an identity to actors external to the application, whereas in Cyronclad, each task is performed by actors identified using the W3C DID standard. In addition to assigning identities, this standard also allows the credentials associated with identities to be assigned, thus avoiding storing them in centralised repositories. The W3C DID standard thus makes it possible to make the directory of actors in the system unassailable.

Distributed supervision

The management functionalities provided by centralised platforms are highly critical for the security of devices and data. In Cyronclad, however, each management activity is performed by a committee of nodes that are managed by independent parties. Each node has a W3C DID identity and interacts with others to produce a W3C DID identity for the committee itself (the distributed oracle). Individual dOra nodes do not have the necessary information to sign messages on their own, but collaborate by creating a cryptographic signature. This prevents a single malicious node from blocking the activity of the entire committee of nodes.

Direct access to data

Another weakness solved by Cyronclad is intrinsic in the centrised platforms' method of data management. In Cyronclad, data sources publish on the IOTA distributed ledger and any data consumer can access this data without intermediaries. Data are signed by producers with credentials that can be verified directly by consumers thanks to the W3C DID standard. Data can be stored by a Distributed Stroage, which, due to its distributed organisation, ensures that correct conservation can be demonstrated with a signature produced by the majority of nodes.

Route of Trust

Thanks to device identification, each piece of data can be precisely traced back to its producer. However, even remote devices can be attacked, thus compromising the quality of the data produced. To eliminate this risk as well, Cyronclad supports SoC-based devices that can securely produce and store their own digital credentials, then create a 'Root of Trust'. Credentials are used to digitally sign data, and being inviolable, make any attempt to breach the data at a next possible point of attack useless. In addition, Cyronclad devices publish signed information on their operational status, configuration and firmware release. Any attempt to alter these parameters is therefore made evident by the device itself, and cannot be prevented.

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